Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Workers Seen Prepping New Plaque In Monument Park

The Yankees have a new catcher for 2014: Brian McCann. Admittedly, I follow National League baseball about as closely as I follow American League curling. But I've read up on this guy and I've come to the following conclusion:

He's been injured, he was a good hitter at one time but isn't any more, he's not that great defensively, but he's somehow the best catcher a team could ever have.

It's funny because after reading about how his offense suffered in 2013 because of an injury, I then read how 2012 was mysteriously an offensive "down year" for him, leading me to believe that the reason people are so high on him must involve his defense. Yet in this article, which, by the way, puts him alongside Yankee legends Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra, they tell me "He's not the best defensive catcher going."

So I guess between his "presence," his eventual assumed Yankeeography, and a very, very short porch in right field, we're supposed to believe this guy is leading the Yankees back to glory. We world champion Boston Red Sox fans will believe it when we see it.

From things I have read, McCann is also someone who believes the way he plays the game is the only right way to play the game. Ergo, he's a perfect player for the MFY - a sanctimonious douche bonnet.

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