Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reverse The Beard

Finally shaved the beard. But of course I had to go for some crazywhackfunky looks "on the way down." Here they are:

Note that the three on the right are mirror shots so you'd have to flip those to see what I really look like. I kinda can't believe the difference between the third guy and fourth guy. And I'm both guys!

The toughest thing was the eating. And everyone thinks I mean you eat some hair on each bite, which does happen a little, but I just didn't like having to wonder constantly what tasty morsels were in/on the beard for all to see. Egg salad, pssh, forget it. I went through a lot of napkins. Which often just smeared the food around.

The drying off post-shower was also quite an ordeal. Sometimes I'd realize 5 minutes later that the chin tree was still soaked, and I'd have to squeegee the water out.

By the way, I had a beard post-high school and I don't remember any of these issues.

But despite these 99 problems, an itch wasn't one! Everyone complains about the itchiness of a beard, but mine never itches. Then again, I've never felt the "tingle" you're supposed to feel with Head & Shoulders, so maybe I have a problem.

Rolling Rally Pictures Week here at RSFPT continues tomorrow(ish)--I've got at least two more sets to show you from my devoted readers and/or their kin.


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