Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Movie News

Red Sox WS movie has its premiere; Ian Browne unfamiliar with difference between "premier" and "premiere." You'd think a guy named Brown-plus-E would have known! Actually, he gets it right on his third and final try. (Underrated mistake: "treatment" spelled "tretament" in url.)

Mispelling is the gretaest.

Mom here: I think it was Ross who said in the article that he was so touched by people thanking him rather than saying, Congratulations. I am so touched when I'm out walking Salty, and I'm wearing my Red Sox winter hat and people come up to me, give me a big smile and say, Congratulations. Amazing! Last person to do that was this morning--Michael Kim, ESPN. Pulled up to me, rolled down his window and shouted it out. I said, I didn't do anything! He said I rooted for the right team, for the best team and for a great, great bunch of players. And he's from St. Louis, major Cardinals fan, too. (On Halloween his little boy rang my doorbell and when I opened the door, instead of Trick or Treat, he said with the most tragic expression on his face, "I'm a Cardinals fan." I told him I knew that but maybe the Red Sox could be his second favorite team. His expression changed to a look that would indicate I'd dropped a bag of vomit in his T or T sack. I told him, "After all, you are a New Englander." I got a look of wonder. He said, "Yes. I am!" Nothing like a treat of bragging rights.

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