Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miss Tier

The ticket prices for 2014 are up, complete with tiers, though we still don't know which games are what tier. (Except for what they say in the article--Cubs is second tier while Royals are top tier, oddly enough.)

I had also wondered about the phrase "upper standing room" in that article. They said those would be between $10 and $30. Turns out it was a royal fuck-up, as they must have somehow mixed up "upper bleacher" and "standing room." (Which gives me, as a long time ticket buyer, the feeling like the person who wrote the article has never bought tickets to a Red Sox game, which is pretty goddamn lame.) So we've still got upper bleacher at the lowest, with SRO next, then pavilion SRO. Tier 3 has these tickets at $15, $20, and $25, which is the same as the past few years, except upper bleacher had been at $12. For tier 5, UB and SRO drop to $10, while pavilion SRO drops to $15. For tier 1, they go to $20, $30, $35.

Regular bleachers are 20-28-30-32-40. I'm wondering how this will affect the price of my 10-game plan in the bleachers. Will it average out to tier 3 pricing?

Infield grandstand drop to as low as $43, and $40 for sections 11-12 and 28-31. Pretty sweet deal, as we haven't paid that little in a while. "Select games against the Rays, Reds, Blue Jays and Orioles will be in tier five," says the article, so there will be quite a few of those cheap games.

LF/RF GS go as low as $22. While I almost never sit in the RFGS since I don't have a chiropractor, I love the thought of sitting in 32 or 33 for two bucks more than than a yuppie food stamp. Plus fees, of course. (I hope those haven't gone up to the point where they cancel out the savings: "tier 5 fees: $25 per ticket!")

Note: The post title is a reference to my 9th grade health teacher. I still can't believe she became Mrs. Correnty. Such bullshit. She'll always be Miss Tier to me. Engagement announcement, from the Norwalk Hour, 2/9/1991, unnecessarily shown below:

Wait a minute, Mr. and Mrs. Oakley? The plot thickens....


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