Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting A Raise

Well we knew ticket prices were sure to go up for 2014, but there will also be tiered pricing at Fenway for the first time. I like seeing "$10" in that article. Interestingly, they say that will be the price for shittier games in "upper standing room," implying that's the cheapest ticket. But ever since they added that upper SRO, it's cost more than regular SRO. So I wonder if they're also restructuring the whole park. Because there's no way those left field upper seats under the Coke sign should cost $75 while other lower and closer seats cost less. And I've always wondered why bleachers are cheaper than the right field grandstand seats which don't face the field. (Maybe the aspect of "cover" is that important to most people.) If I were them, I'd make the bleacher seats more expensive early and late in the year, since you're not baking out there then. And then the covered seats could cost more on in the sweltering months. We'll see how they do it, they say time of year, team, all that stuff is considered. They also note that every team is now officially doing this, which kinda makes sense in a world where 99% of people think the secondary market is where tickets derive from.

I went to look at the exact pricing, and I got a funny error page.... (reload for the different funnies)


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