Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas At Fenway: December...14th?

Last year X@F was the week before the ST ticket sale, Saturday, December 1st. This year, we know ST day is December 7th. If they went with the week before again this year, it would be November 30th. Which would be Thanksgiving weekend. And last year you had the registration period begin on November 15th. So I'm guessing X@F has to be December 14th at the earliest--and I don't see them going with the 21st as it's just too close to actual Xmas and would be way later than what they've been doing lately.

So mark your e-calendars. In e-pencil. Saturday, December 14th. It'll be a big year for the "always popular" Sox Pax, what with rings to be distributed and flags to be raised. And let's hope the Yard Sale info is not all secretive and whatnot.


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