Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Cost Us The Game Was Not Mentioned

Or is it just my anti-Drew bias? You be the judge. On the near double play right before the Tigers scored: Drew should have gotten the lead runner at third. Middlebrooks had recently done it right, going home to cut down the run in a 0-0 game instead of trying for an inning-ending DP. On Drew's ball, I admit, I thought there was no chance at a DP, and it ended up being really close. But still, it seemed like a DP was a no-go, so I throw to third there and cut down the lead runner. I mean he would have to wheel and throw, but I think he gets that out. But we never got a replay of that part of the play, and they never even suggested it as a possibility. Yes Drew made a nice play later, but it could have been 0-0 still. Granted, the base hit still might have scored the run from second, but we don't know what would have happened had the situation been different. (Also, McCarver said the hit was "off the end of the bat," when it was actually on the other side of the sweet spot, as seen on two clear, slow-mo relays that were shown while he was saying it.)

So we lose game 1. But according to my dad circa '86, all you have to do in a 7-game series when you have home field advantage is win one of two at home, then one of three on the road, and you come back and win your last two home games. Basically, if you can be alive after five, you strive to jive. Or something.

Okay, Fox talk. First thing I noticed? The damn camera was out of focus! The main center field shot had the fans behind the plate totally blurry, with even the ump and batter seemingly a little fuzzed. The pitcher was fine. It was as if the focus was a little too far forward. Seeing the batter/catcher/ump with a big blurry background was really messing with me. Around the sixth inning, though, they fixed it, which not only improved my enjoyment of the game, but proved I wasn't crazy. I mean, we've got these HDTVs, and the sharper-than-life subjects are fuzzy. I expect the blurry background on an extreme close-up, but not on every pitch.

"What is it the kids say these days? It's crazy." --the soon to be extinct Tim McCarver

Yes, he actually said that.

Where was the replay on Ellsbury's foul tip into the mitt that ended an inning? Then in the next inning, Cabrera seems to not hold up, but it's called a no-swing, and again, no replay.

Hilarious moment when Buck said there was a line out to "Middlebrooks." But it was Drew. Camera shows close-up of Drew, who even turns around to show his number, Buck doesn't notice. McCarver then chimes in with "Drew could have done that" (since they thought Middlebrooks was playing in the shortstop spot). It wasn't till after the next commercial did they figure it out. But my Gedman, you'd think they'd have people whispering in their ears when they call a well-known player by a different guy's name.

So weird that it was a no-hitter until the ninth. Between it being a combo and the fact that it was a one-run game, it just didn't seem to matter. Old friend Anibal did a great job, though. As did our fans. And Lester. We almost pulled it out in the end. But not quite. We'll come right back tomorrow against the bi-borg. Speaking of him, terrible job by Fox doing the in-game interview with him while all this action was taking place. He told them he couldn't look at the camera because he wanted to, surprise, watch the playoff game his team was playing in at that moment. I kept waiting for him to do that "alll right" thing you do to somebody to let them know it's time to end a phone conversation.

Game 2, Sunday, 8:00. Win.


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