Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Two Shots At Home To Win It All!

We got the gem we wanted from Lester! Papi continues to hit like a man who was told he might not get to play for a couple of games! Koji is automatic! Exclamation points must be used as we are one win away form a world championship! It feels like a cloudy dream!

A few notes in the order I originally wrote them (which could lead to anti-climactic-ness):

On Papi's "infield hit," don't you think the Brow of Turin* should have done the spin-and-throw? It's almost like he figured he had more time with Papi running, so he stayed facing first, got into throwing position, and by then it was too late. BucCarver had no opinion on this one.

Actually, I'm gonna skip ahead. To Ross. When David Ross was on the verge of returning to the team after his DL stint, I made the prediction (not on here, in real life) that he'd "hit a key dong down the stretch." Problem was, we ran away with it and had hardly any key spots to hit dongs in. So now I'm thinking his "key dong" down the "stretch" has been his catching performances in Game 4 and 5 of this World Series. Or you could say his key dong was actually a half-dong, his double that gave us the lead for good in the 7th. Maybe that represents half the dong and the game-calling represents the other half. Yeah, let's go with that. I also love that he's MY beard guy--I have a bit of a Wolf too!

McCarver's keys to the game the last two nights: win the game. The guy is at George W. Bush level with his one-liners. At least Buck mocked him for his shitty keys tonight.

I wasn't quite sure about keeping Lester in when his spot came up with 2nd and 3rd and one out. I thought about it a lot in those few seconds, but I feel like I would have been fine with giving us two shots with real hitters to try and get both runners home for a 4-1 lead, and go with the 'pen for three innings. Lester failed on the bunt, and Ellsbury got one run home--I still can't believe Ross doesn't score on that, he's one slow mofo. So we got one of the runs home AND got to stick with Wicked Sid. I guess Farrell wins.

And how key was it that Rufus walks Drew-fus?! That's worse than walking the pitcher! That put Xanadu in sco-po for Ross, who brought him home with the go-ahead doobler.

Funny moment when Molina gave Papi a look after Papi held at first on a ball that got away briefly. It was a jovial look with a hint of "tsk tsk" for even bluffing. This is a guy who knows the guy on base is one of the great hitters, someone whose page he could never be on, BUT, he knows that when he's got the catching gear on and Papi's a baserunner, the tables are completely turned. There was a camaraderie in that look that former catcher McCarver totally missed.

I've listened to a lot of Henry Rollins spoken word. So I know that lisp anywhere. He already does the disclaimer for MLB on FOX, but know he's doing another World Series ad where he tries to "do a voice," but I know it's him. This isn't the first time he's delved into character voice-work, as he recently did the overdramatic commercial for The Spoils of Babylon. (The "by these guys" line is what gave him away.) And of course he just uses his normal voice on 90% of the commercials on TV.

When Some Cardinal doubled down the right field line, Buck made a bad call. We only saw the fielder, so we didn't know if the guy was going for two. It's Buck's job to tell us. Instead he says, "he's......" and by the time he told us, we saw the guy sliding into second safely. I then realized he was doing his classic gun-jump that Orsillo loves to do to. But we had no idea the guy was even trying for two until he was almost at the bag.

Slight sound delay between cameras. But not nearly as bothersome as it was in 2004. Man, they were really effing with me that year.

Funny how Fox started cutting to Sox players' faces in the 9th. I guess funny because it gave away the fact that they were going to be using the iso-cam effect to get individual players' reactions once we win it.

Wow, even more anti-climactic than I thought. Game 6 Wednesday! At Fenway! Oh, and what was with the ticket office today? Got a message all day long saying they were closed. Automated line and online had some categories of tix up, but I never broke through, not even on a test for the really expensive ones. Any time I'd select tix, it would say they weren't actually available. Oh well, I'll keep trying tonight and tomorrow. And Wednesday.

I saw the Papi/Molina moment. It was a good reflection of two teams battling, but having respect for each other...and having fun. If McCarver had seen it, he would have ruined the emotion with his words.

Awesome win(s)! We will get it done tomorrow and I hope you are there.
Glad you noticed! Still trying for tix....
whats the deal with the online ticketing thing? seems like they keep putting different sections up but i never seem to get through either...are there actually tickets available here or is this a glitch?
For WS it's been like that, and on the automated lphone line too. Last round I occasionally got tix in my cart but just as a test since they were way too expensive. I have talked to the ticket office today and they said no tix for 6 or 7, and said "highly doubtful" more would be released. Said to go to Gate E on game day.
This kept happening to me with game 2. When I finally talked to someone at the ticket office, they had no explanation for what was going on online, saying that no tickets were available and that they would not come available either. I hope you both find a way into the game. It would be crazy exciting to be there.
I was considering the 8 hour drive IF I had face value tickets ahead of time, but looks like tv for me!

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