Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Boy Was Somethin' That Mommy Wouldn't Wear

I wrote to Google recently about how they were using the old Red Sox logo (they did it with some other teams too). As of the other day, all logos have been changed to the current, primary logo for each team. YOu can see it when you Google "MLB standings" or scores or whatever. Of course it's bittersweet, because since they changed form the old version of our former primary logo (Circle Sox) to the current primary logo (Hanging Sox), I never get closure on whether they ever realized that the Circle Sox logo was tweaked. As far as I know, they're keeping the old version of Circle Sox on file for any potential secondary logo usage.

So that's one cheer for Google, but now here's a jeer:

You know that ad where the kid has to give a speech and ends up scoring with his classmate? It starts with him Googling "what is glossophobia"? But that's a huge mistake. The kid obviously suffers from fear of public speaking, and is on the verge of his oral report. So when asking Google (instead of his fucking parents, Jesus) about this, wouldn't he ask "what is the name for fear of public speaking"? Are we to believe this is a huge coincidence, that right at the time he's seeking assistance with his fear of public speaking, someone happens to mention its official name, he looks that up too, and finds that it just happens to be what he's suffering from? Or did his teacher say to him, "son, you've got glossophobia"? At which point the teacher walked away leaving the boy to have to look it up on his own, even though he probably should have figured it out from the context of the discussion, i.e. he was asked to speak to the class and refused? Maybe this was really a lesson in context. But I'm guessing Google just fucked up.

Man, I'd love to see Part 2, where the kid gets slapped after trying to ask a girl out using methods the Internet taught him. I almost feel like this ad could be a prequel to the Jeremy video....


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