Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That Game

About Game 6....

3rd inning: So pissed. First two guys walk. You have to score. Shane can't get the bunt down, and then in the blink of an eye, the inning is over as Dustin hits one right to the third base bag, easy DP. Of course, it wasn't really the blink of an eye, since there was a long delay as they reviewed Pedroia's near-dong. How crazy was it that you could see shadow on pole? It was thisnospacehereclose.

5th: A little two-out rally makes it 1-0 us. I kept saying to Kim, "Xander is disciplined as fuck!" He "dissed" his way to two sweet-ass walks in this game. Here he doubled on a 3-2 pitch and Ells singled him home.

6th: Again Farrell takes the starter out fairly early, and this time it doesn't work. With two on and no outs, Morales comes in to face Prince. Everybody in the world knows the guy is slumping and can't do shit at the plate...except Morales, who walks him on four. Victor then hits one way out to left center for a two-run long single. Workman comes in and gets a crazy DP. Dustin gets the grounder and basically gets Prince in a rundown but as a bonus, tags Victor on his way to second. Prince ends up doing a weird fall near third, and then looks up at the ump as if he might take pity on him and call him safe, even though he's not in arm's reach of the base. This was the play of the game. Maybe. Without that, they might run away with it and we go to Game 7. Next batter Ks, and we move on, down only 2-1.

Bot 6th: We get the first two guys on. But the next three guys are not exactly "move the runner over" types. We do get a wild pitch after Papi flies out. But Nap Ks and Salty pops out, and we've squandered a HUGE opportunity.

7th: I got really pissed at Workman. A pitcher is also a fielder, and he screwed up that part of his job royally in a key spot. With two outs he takes a stab at a grounder and deflects it so Dustin has no time to make a play. It was a fairly easy hop and I think he made the right move going for it, he just didn't get his glove around it. Then he makes what's actually called an error, and he's done. Fortunately Cabrera hits one that Drew has time to go get and throw him out since he's so damn slow. Stretch time at Fenway, time is ticking away.

Bot 7th: Okay, THIS is the play of the game: Gomes hits one inches from being over the Monster. It's a double, and the second ball that missed dong-ness by the hair of a long-haired cat. Reminded me of the very close bounces that went our way in the 2004 ALCS, only the opposite. But at least we had a man on second with nobody out. Gotta tie it. And after the coach's son (that's the only possible explanation I can think of that Drew keeps playing for our team) does his usual whiff, the Zan Man works a walk. Okay, now THIS is the play of the game: Grounder up the middle, and IGLESIAS boots it. I watched the replay a hundred times trying to figure out if he was doing his show-off routine and was trying to shovel or not, but the way he reached into the glove tells me he wasn't. Not that he wasn't still showing off in this game because he was. But either way, he can't even get one out, and we're talkin' loaded with one down, instead of inning over, maybe. By the way, the Tigers had a Coke and a Smyly in this inning. I can't believe it took me that long to squeeze that joke in. Anyway, Victorino comes up, and on an 0-2 pitch, he lofts one up and over The Wall, and Fenway and my living room erupt. I think I actually stayed in the air for several minutes. The feeling of "it's ours now"-edness was palpa-frickin'-bull. I got that same feeling in Game 7 of the 2007 ALCS when Pedroia hit his dong, also to left field, also with one out in the 7th. Of course, in that game, we were up one, not down one at the time, making 2013 even more dramatic. It was 5-2 Boston, 6 outs away from the World Series.

And it was a party from then on. We got the last six outs, save for Drew botching a grounder that would have been a close play. Koji was named MVP. We went on to the World Series where hopefully we utterly dominated the National League.

Thing about the grand slam itself was that as it was in the air, we knew, MINimum, it was a game-tying sac fly, but pretty quickly you could see it was at least a double and we take the lead. So during the ball's flight we went from "we're losing" to "it's tied," to "we've got the lead now let's see if we can add to it," to "we're up 3, this thing's over."
Here's what the weird fall was about - Prince saw Xman near by & stuck his right leg out to make it look like he tripped over X, but X was backing up & not close. That's why Prince looks up to the ump when he's not near 3rd; he's begging for an interference call. But the ump say no emmy for you & you're demoted to Baron.

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