Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sox Pull A Cardinals, Lose To Cardinals

Something the Fox guys didn't say:

On the Shitty Play, did you notice on the replay that the runner on second was way off the bag as Gomes was about to catch the ball? He was so far off, in fact, that he actually sprinted back and slid into second. You could see the ball fly over his head on its way home right as he got back. Therefore, a throw to second would have arrived just ahead of him and he would have been doubled off, end of inning, no runs score.

However, for Gomes to have thrown to second means he would have needed to catch the ball, start to throw, THEN realize the guy was caught off second, and change his mind about where to throw in a split second, while he's winding up. Of course, an infielder could have yelled at him to go to second, but they would have needed to be sure--you don't want to not throw home when you've got a legit shot at gunning down the potential tying run unless you're sure you can get the third out somewhere else.

Anyway, that was a tough play to take. Salty probably figured there was no harm in doing everything he can to give himself a shot at tagging that runner. At that point I was still just thinking, Fine, it's tied, we win it in the 8th or 9th. But no, Brez has to pull an "every single pitcher" and throw wildly to a base. They score the go-ahead run and that was all they needed.

Stinks that it was right after the inning with yet another heroic Papi dong. We suddenly went from losing to "x outs to go," but it was short-lived. At least we got to have that moment.

So we go to Mizzou tied at 1. We're still on my dad's theory's pace: win one at home, one on the road, then come home and win two. Anything on or better than that pace is fine.

When do you plan on calling for Game 6 or 7 tickets? I'd love to finally go to a series game. This is Phil from CT. You were so kind a year or so ago to identify the Dire Straits song in the intro on the late 1980s broadcasts. Go Sox!
Ah yes, Industrial Disease...

The Ts are up on the schedule page so you can try that as well as phone. Basically my plan is to check constantly from a few days ago through game day. Oddly, they made the online thing default to a waiting room which you automatically get in and out of. I assume that means they're planning to do one or more releases.

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