Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Some Times In

Fri Oct 4: Tampa/Cleveland vs. Us, 3:00
Sat Oct 5: same teams, duh, 5:30

I was kind of thinking we'd get the prime time slots, but I guess the series out in Oakland can't start too early or they'd be having breakfast at Wimbledon.

So we had David Price going 9 last night. Which means he'll pitch game 2 for them (if they beat Tito) and will be tired and stuff. And Cobb goes for them Wednesday so he'd be gone till game 3. Also, I gotta figure some of the good pitchers for the Indians/Rays will be ready to go Wednesday which could also screw 'em up for our series.

Part of me wants it to be Tampa because we've shown we can handle them this year. But we went 6-1 against Cleveland anyway. But they were a different group back in April/May when we played them. And Tampa's closer has been so shitty, so maybe we'd better play them. Either way, we're not gonna be afraid. Just gotta be ourselves and we should be fine.


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