Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silver Platter

The second inning was key, top and bottom.

Top: Leadoff double by Napoli and then Nava grounds to the right side, putting a runner on third with one out. Perfect. Sac fly means we'd go up 1-0 and presumably cruise to a 3-1 series lead. But Salty pops out. I was pissed, but little did I know I'd soon be injuring walls and hands. Drew ended the inning as one might expect, and we officially had a squander.

Bottom: Fuckin' Peavy. First guy singles. Then he walks Brak Brak on four pitches. Then, in what has become a tradition amongst our pitchers, he gets scared to death of Avila for no reason, walking his ass as well. After a nice diving catch by Jacoby, Peavy then gets to face the guy who stinks so fucking putrid that they dropped him to 8th...and walks him on four pitches to force home a run. That's when he finally induces a DP ball, to the surest of sure-handed infielders, Dustin Pedroia. Who promptly bobbles the ball and can't find it. He ends up getting one out, but the rally is still alive. Then that phony baloney homophobe gets a two-out, two-run double. An RBI single by Cabrera makes it 5-0 before we finally get out of it.

The Tigers would add two more in the fourth, one on another ball Dustin normally gets in his sleep, and it was 7-0. Oddly enough, we were actually out-hitting them for much of this time. We finally scored some runs, but it was never really a game after that shitty second. We lose 7-3, which was my predicted score. Of course, I had the wrong team winning.

2-2. The plan now is for Lester to throw a gem and put us up 3-2 going back to Fenway with two chances to close it out at home.

I like that plan.


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