Sunday, October 20, 2013

Running For Joy/Peeing With Pride

So last night I jumped around like a fool when Victorino made every little thing all right. Why do we jump? Well, because when you're watching a game, whether you're in a house or a bar or at your ballpark seat, there's nowhere to go but up. Stay with me now. So today I got up and went for a "workout," which is windsprints in the park because I've decided that's more fun than the long, slow, boring runs. I've always been a sprinter, not a distance man, so why not sprint as a workout? Anyway, I got out there, started to run, and...realized I was still celebrating that grandiose slam Shane "came back" with (that's a literary reference) last night. I was running for joy! You see, without a mansion, you can't celebrate something that happens on TV by running. You can try, lord knows our cats do, but you just can't air it out like you can outside.

In other bodily function news, you know how when you have a bad break-up, and then you finally get some sleep, and then you wake up, and now your mind is empty for about 10 seconds, and then it hits you, and all the pain comes flooding back? And you wish you could go back to those 10 carefree seconds? Well this morning I woke up, and I immediately thought, "I, fan of the 2013 American League champions, have to pee." So I wonder if the body/mind tries to protect itself from the bad, while just letting the good flow.


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