Monday, October 07, 2013

Not How We Drew It Up

I just don't like Dave O'Brien. But I especially didn't like him when he said "the Rays are seeing the end of their season" in the fifth inning of a 3-run game. Fortunately I got home right after that and got to see the rest of the game (the final 16 1/2 hours) on TV. Or maybe unfortunately.

That 8th inning was total shit. Morales comes in and walks the leadoff man. Then we have a "nobody's covering" moment at first. Then Salty makes a great catch on a sac bunt attempt. And then there's a possible double play ball, but Drew and Pedroia collide. I'll just assume Drew wasn't yelling loud enough. He also still could have gotten the out at first but he dropped the ball. He also could do something besides strand 5 runners at the plate tonight. He also could be replaced by a guy who CAN hit who's right in the dugout. But enough about my least favorite family in the world. (Sorry, those two or three Hafner/Wells/Overbay-ish short streaks this year didn't do it for me.) Moving on--so then there's a grounder to Napoli in this bases-loaded, tie-game situation. His first thought is to take the out at first. Which is the ONLY WAY THE RUN IS GUARANTEED TO SCORE. Had he (stayed on his feet, first of all, and) wheeled and thrown to second, I believe they get the 3-6-3 double play, inning over, run doesn't score. Or, had he fired home without thinking of anything else, we at least keep the game tied. Going right to first means the run scores whether we end up getting the non-force at second to end the inning or not.

Fortunately they brought in Rodney, and we really should have not only tied it but taken the lead. Had to settle for the tie though, and go for the "Koji hold, we score, Koji save" trick. And it almost worked, but after two quick outs, dong, and it's over. At least Koji being Not Koji happened in a non-save situation. If that makes any sense.

Oh well, can't get mad at these guys. All year they've come back from frustration (which rarely happened anyway) and gotten right back on the manatee. I think we'll put the Rays away tomorrow.

Jeez, did Longoria get the "Jete-ment" from the TBS cameras after his dong or what???
The TBS guys were orgasming over everything the Rays did all night. The James Loney tongue bath was especially surprising and unwarranted. It was pretty blatant all night, but especially after the Longoria dong. Most professional announcers can cover their rooting alliances better than that.
Couple of things. Much as I would love to blame Drew the failure to turn at least the one out was really Pedroia's fault for going way too far across the field and getting in the way. If he positions himself correctly then it is a force out at second or Drew (probably) doesn't get distracted enough to juggle the ball and gets an out at first. Certainly not going to blame Drew for that, comes across as bias (which to be fair you do sort of credit in your piece).

Secondly, slightly worrying Koji was being Koji. Specifically he has now pitched four innings in the postseason and given up four home runs. Stats can be manipulated to prove almost anything but that stat is a slight concern.

Not convinced we win tomorrow (Peavy having 12 days rest could go either way) but here's hoping you are right :-)
Allan--yeah. It did seem like the Rays' hits were announced as if it was Game 5. Whereas Salty's HUGE catch was announced in a monotone voice as if it were a routine play in an unimportant situation. (Though he did say it was spectacular or something.)

Rich G--Oh I'm biased. But still, shortstop is in change, I gotta figure Dustin just keeps going until he hears otherwise--he had come from going the other direction after holding the man on. I also wish Morales on that grounder to him had just kept sprinting toward first JUST in case no one was covering, instead of looking up and assuming someone would be there.
I was at Tropicana. Not fun at all. Sox were 2-14 with runners in scoring position. Never seemed as if they'd win, even when they were ahead. Buchholz wasn't sharp either. All the other stuff you and others mentioned was true, but the bats coulda won this one and didn't.
"Never seemed as if they'd win, even when they were ahead."

You've been hanging out with Miss 'Wait til August' too much!
About Koji, yeah, he had a bad 2011 postseason--but two of the dongs he gave up were to Longoria and Cabrera. Then in 2012 he threw one perfect inning, striking out the side. Then this year he had the perfect inning in Game 2, got two outs in Game 3, then dong.
Don't know why we couldn't have Eck instead of Smoltz.
Here is the Globe being the Globe.

Been around a few games (years) longer than you; so you gotta understand...Plus, they really did not look sharp. Jut saying...
dbc: I'm guessing since Eck is a regular with NESN, he's not allowed to do Sox, just like Orsillo isn't. At least that's the ALDS-level rule. Maybe. But Smoltz was on the Sox (don't remind me) and that doesn't stop him from being allowed.... I don't know.

Allan: Wow. Guy didn't even blow a save! Even if he had, that article would still be ridiculous.

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