Saturday, October 05, 2013

Marching On

What I love so far about this series is how we've just played the way we have all season, and more often than not it ends up as a win. Only a few pressure spots in this one, but we came through with a couple of HUGE double plays to end late-inning threats. Then Papi pulls a Daryl Strawberry Game 7-esque insurance dong and Koji throws nothing but strikes and it's in the books. 7-4 win, up 2 games to 0. Game 3 is Monday at 6:00 in the Tampa vicinity. We were all over Price tonight, despite Maddon claiming we were just lucky. Funny how they always say how Price "still has it" and is "locked in" and is "getting better as the game goes on" even after he's given up SIX runs! It's like the yearly "take away May, June, and that one stretch in August, and Derek Jeter's your clear MVP" argument.

What I'm trying to say is, great job by our guys tonight. TWO-zip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. As evidenced by the volume of exclamation points used heretofore.

A few things about tonight:

First let's start with the fan of the night:

Go Huskers! (They kicked Illinois butt today--yeah I know, I haven't talked about them much this year, so here ya go: We've done a good job against our patsies, aside from an extreme scare in week one, but that UCLA game, damn, we were up 21-3 I think, at home, and proceeded to give up like 40 unanswered points. Boy am I glad I don't listen to Lincoln/Omaha sports radio. Anyway, we can still win the B1G, as our national title hopes are pretty much dashed with the one big L.)

Isn't it great (if you're like me, which you may not be) to see the low-angle "classic" center field cam for these national TV games!? So key. With the HD, it's like you're right behind the pitcher, instead of floating up in space with the pitcher/batter taking up about a fifth of the screen, with giant patches of nothing on each side. That being proverbially said, TBS occasionally goes with the behind-the-plate cam on pitches, and when the ball's hit, the audience is left clueless. Tonight there were at least three times when they did it where the ball was put in play. Seems like every time they did it, that happened. I wish they'd just show that on replays. It's a cool view but I kinda need to know what's happening. And it's their job to show us.

Remember when that fan got hit in the face? You saw that the ball hit the tarp in front of him, causing it to deflect up and into his grill, right? That's an incredibly tough play, to know that a ball is either gonna go at your chest or your face, with not enough time to readjust. You have to make a judgment and put your hands where you think the ball will go, and then pray to your non-deity or deity of choice that it goes there. The guy chose chest, and it went face. Nothing he could have done. But the damn announcer then quips, "it's always good to bring your glove." Terrible job. His glove would have been on his hand in front of his chest as the ball hit him in the face.

I see Linsday Bucking-hholz has moved up. She's usually a few rows behind the plate, whether Clay is pitching or not, but tonight she was in row 2 with her baby on her lap, next to Kapstein.

No replay on the play where Dustin supposedly was tagged on the hip pocket? Looked Knoblauchian to me....

On Papi's first dong, that one fan got robbed... a player! Morales to be exact. That's a tough one. He did flip it right up to the crowd, but the robbed guy didn't get it. It went to the guy you see in my top pic at left, who snatched it from the bottom of the scrum.

So. About Myers. Wouldn't it be funny if we chant his name during the next series against a completely different team? God that was a funny play. DId you hear Smoltz say he's got a feeling Myers is "gonna do something tonight"? Still waiting on that....

The main dude pulled an Orsillo on Papi's second dong. Ball's in the air, he says it's high and deep, then goes, "but it's...." Now at this point he's screwed. He's leading into the foul call before a call is made. It's called fair and he's forced to audible, but we all know he was ready to say "foul." Then he tries to play it off like it was really close, only to see Papi running to first and looking down because he was so sure. It was that fair. Then that other dude claims he "wrapped it around the pole," only to have to change his mind as we see the ball fly so far past the pole that it went out of view.

Do you get the feeling that during these games, Cano's agent calls him up and goes, "Hey have you heard of this guy Dustin Something?"


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