Sunday, October 13, 2013

"If We Lose"

What other city do you have the team going into a series with an advantage, only to have everybody say that's bad because "if we lose..."?

Even McCarver came right out and said it before Game 1: The Red Sox have their best pitcher in Game 1 and the Tigers don't. So if they lose, they have to face the better pitchers with their lesser ones. Do other teams do this? Do they say, "We've got an advantage. Shit! This will be horrible if we lose!"? Or do they say, "if we win, we're going to the World Series, woohoooooo! And we've got the advantage, so that's even more logical!"?

But yes, we did lose the first game. So I guess we just shut the lights before we leave? Or do we say, Look how fucked the Tigers are gonna be if THEY lose with their good pitchers coming up? Get your heads in the game, people!


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