Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If It Stays Fair It's Gone

This article talks about World Series Game Sixes at Fenway Park. After talking about '75 and '67, they say

The only other Game 6 of any kind played at Fenway Park was back in 1918

Of course that's way, way, way off, as we played Game Sixes in the ALCS in 2007 and 1986.

Anyway, since this is the first World Series Game 6 since Fisk hit the pole, I am wondering if he will throw out the first ball tonight. Or maybe it'll be him and Carbo. Or maybe all the living members of that team. We shall see. Or does everyone already know?

All kinds of weirdness with the ticket office Tuesday. They were open, unlike Monday, but they were telling us that there were no tickets left. The online and auto-phone methods, which work in cryptic tandem, were showing their usual "one ticket category at any given time if at all," but never actually letting you buy. The sirens had me right where they wanted me between 2:56 and 3:09, thinking I was scoring bleacher seats, but it kept not working. Just after midnight they put up some grandstand, but alas it was another mirage. It's getting late....


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