Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fear The Me

The weird thing about having a full beard is that I lose my title as "sideburns guy." The sideburns are still there, it's just that there's hair around them now. Meaning I officially "don't" have sideburns. Even though they're there. It's kind of like having a hundred bucks in your pocket and saying "I have fifty dollars." Because you do have 50, as well as 51, 17, 74, but none of these represent the full amount and therefore get the shaft.

Anyway, it's going pretty well. Except for a very brief beard stint in 2011 during my drive to Vegas and Texas, this is the first full beard I've had since college, when I looked like Jesus. Only difference now is there's some white in there.

It's not my first time growing facial hair "for the team," though, as I had that long devil goatee in the 2004 playoffs.

Anything else you'd like to know? You're getting awfully personal here.

(Ha, I had no idea Amazing Larry was back there....)

Awesome! Tiny Amazing Larry looks like a cartoon angel on your shoulder.
Ha. And the devil is the strap of one of Kim's bags hanging on a door handle.

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