Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Craig For Bresident (Rodney Veep)

That could be the most frustrating game we've ever ended up winning.

Six innings of agony, finding new and exciting ways to leave runners on base. I hurt my hand. Bashing it on the wall. My outburst of choice has always been the open-handed slap of a door jamb, kind of like an angry high five. It always seems "safer" than an actual punch, but you end up with a bruised palm. And poor Peavy, he's pitchin' fine but home plate has a forcefield around it for our baserunners. Finally he gives up a run, but we fortunately break through in the next inning. A wild pitch ties it and a little grounder gives us the lead. What a joy it was watching Shane beat it out. Get out yo' seat and jump around. And finally we could go back to breathing. A little.

But Breslow did "Yo, Man!"'s work tonight. He was the calming influence we needed. Suddenly frustration turned to anti-frust. We tacked on a run on Dustin's sack in the 9th as they gave us the gift of Rodney, and Koji, who'd been in in the 8th, mowed 'em down in the 9th. No sweat. (I like how he accidentally put Longoria on his ass right before ending the series by punching him out.)

And of course I also love how Xander came in and ended up playing a key role. Okay, a role.

I'm glad I'm not sitting here writing about all the things that killed me in those first six. Maddon's pitcher brigade almost worked. Almost.

We're celebrating and moving on.

That A's/Tigers winner should be nice and tired Saturday night.

I lurk a lot and comment infrequently, but I was wondering if you could do a post (or link me to one if it already exists) of the Red Sox logo changes. Now that postseason mania has hit, I am overcome by images of the old logo. I would love to have a resource to which I could direct people so that they too could learn about the update that happened years ago.
I can hear everybody saying "don't encourage him!"

Assuming you're not being sarcastic, you can search this blog for "logo" or just go to the Chris Creamer site which shows all the logos of every team and what years they were used. Sorry, I have a long work day or I'd grab some links for you. Or I could do it tomorrow or something... hope this helps for now.... thanks.
I choose to believe the Longo brushback was not accidental.
I totally wasn't being sarcastic! I wasn't as aware of it before I started reading your blog, but now I notice the old logo everywhere. Thanks!
Allan--haha, worked for me either way.

Liz-Cool. Yeah it's ridiculous. Last night I saw some fan in the trop using our oldy on a sign which "checked off" the teams they beat. I'll be happy to do a "reminder" post about it! Even shows it next to my name when I'm logged in!
THIS IS FUN! Who needs sleep?
Haha great post! THese first six were painful to watch. This is exciting! Here's to 8 more wins...

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