Monday, October 28, 2013

Classic Fox (And All Other Networks)

Before I get to my celebratory extensive post about tonight's game, I'd just like to say, CLASSIC Fox, missing the last play of the game because they were showing a very crucial thing: a random fan with her hands near her face. But hey, it was just a meaningless pickoff throw....

I'm just mad they didn't stay with that fan, to see the confusion/realization spread over her face as she asks and answers herself, "What just happened? Oh, we lost!"
Haha! It wouldn't have been surprising if we'd seen her reaction beFORE we'd seen the actual play.
Mom here with new cause:
All female, drop-dead-gorgeous, blond, baseball fans unite! Bring posters to games that read, "Get your effing cameras out of my face and show the game!" Hey, I know. If we do manage to get tickets to Game 6, Jere, let's make those posters, pass them out to said beautiful women, and see if they'll go along.
My favorite living room line last night was Charlie saying: "Take it easy, Jere."
I see I forgot to log out of Blogger at my mom's house.....

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