Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All I Wanted Was A Pepsi

This whole "haven't won (at home) since 1918" thing is getting ridiculous. As if people could make fun of us for that if we don't win! That would be like winning the PowerBall jackpot and then having people talk about how you've never won the MegaMillions jackpot. Yeah it's technically true but fuck you.

I think I've become institutionalized to the ticketing system. I picture myself in November still trying to buy tickets, looking like Robert Stack at the end of Airplane!, still trying to talk Ted down long after the plane's safely on the ground. I got home from work just now, and went to the phone to make a call to Mrs. Thank-you-for-calling
-the-Boston-Red-Sox- 24-hour-automated-ticketing-system- where-MasterCard-is-our-preferred- method-of-payment. Please-be-advised- that-all-sales-are-final- no-refunds-or-exchanges-are-issued- and-all-game-times-are-subject-to-change...To-SO-lect.... McGee, but realized that even if they did for some reason put tickets on sale now, there'd be no way I'd even get to Fenway in time! I'm an institutional man.

Meanwhile, between the phone and the online system, these last few weeks have felt like a mix between Wall Street ("if you see anything under $300, buy!") and WarGames ("try 'number of tickets: zero!'"), as I've manically tried anything and everything to get tickets for Game 6 at a near constant rate. (I wouldn't be able to go to 7 so I had all my eggs in the 6-sket.) But now it's time to throw on the TV and do my rooting from the living room.

SOX. Cards. 7:30 or 8:07 depending on who you believe. Game 6. I was semi-right on the first-pitch thing, it'll be El Tiante throwing to Fisk.

See ya on the other side, Ray.

"You're not thinking, you're on drugs!"

Every little thing is going to be all right...
Now we can sleep...


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