Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few From Tonight

Shirt I saw during the celebration:
It says, "IF YOU SEE THIS, YOUR IN SECOND." So disappointed.

But NESN isn't. They love mistakes. Check this out from tonight's post-game coverage:

How could you forget about the FIRST World Series, in 1903?

Bonus gaffe: Mrs. Autry gives the hardware to Mr. Henry, and calls it the 2003 AL championship trophy. Oh well, I've made the "one decade off" mistake myself on occasion, and I'm a lot younger than she is.

Plus the Dodgers may not have really been called the Dodgers.
BRef has them listed as the Robins.

Seems to be a lot of controversy about that. Almost like the way the human mind can't fathom "infinity" since we dwell in a finite space, we modern baseball fans can't relate to the way teams used to not have an "official" nickname, and were called many different names, sometimes within the same newspaper article. We could say "BoSox" when describing the Red Sox today, but we know that's just a nickname (a nickname for a nickname, if you proverbially will). Whereas back then, a nickname was just that, so many were used interchangeably.

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