Friday, September 06, 2013

Zed's Dead

I was thinking thoughts of "we'll get 'em tomorrow night"...but then I saw Mo!!!! Ha ha ha! And we owned his ass as usual. And then they gave us Joba as a bonus. And we turn a swear-filled diatribe into a happy recap.

The other night I, along with others I'm sure, said how "we've got our Dave Roberts" when we picked up Q-Bear. Tonight, he comes in in the exact Roberts situation, with the same guy on the mound and the same guy taking the throw! And the same thing happens! Only he goes to third too as the ball gets past gramps. And then Drew knocks him in, sending me, Kim, and the two cats plus the third new cat who we're trying to integrate into the household flying. The poor kitten was getting steamrolled but Amazing Larry as they both ran in place on the linoleum for their lives. He got to experience his first Red Sox-Yankees drama. I think he's officially a member of the family.

As for the "before"--we should have scored so many more runs and never been in that situation. And what was Jake doing still in there to start the inning? And why wouldn't NESN show replays of that strike to Jeter they called ball 4? Or a slow-mo of the Wells steal? Man, I was ready to invoke Munson tonight on the blog, I was so pissed. I was going to say things about Overbay's family members that I may have gone to jail for. What a win. Win of the year. We should have been talking about our resilience shining through for the NEXT game, but we saw it in this one. This game was like Butch's day in Pulp Fiction. If our girl/boyfriend asks us how the game went, we just have to laugh and say it's been the weirdest fucking game of our lives.

Do I get credit for picking my foot up off the floor when the Yanks were one strike away, so as the nonexistent baseball gods wouldn't think I was "standing" for the final strike? And then Koji. Whatta guy. Man would I love to hear Sterling's call of the final three outs. I wonder if he called their big inning their "finest hour" again. I wonder if he and Shit-zyn laughed pompously as Mo came in and gave stats that said, "in his career he's done nothing bad that I retain in my memory, for a total of 0% badness, a major league record."

I think I could go on and on about this game. I better stop. To recap, we went up 7-2, blew the whole lead, were down to our last strike against Mo, tied it, and won it in extras against Joba. OH! And what about when Soriano stole second on the botched pickoff and then decided to steal third too!? When he didn't need to! Good job by Pedroia doing the proper thing on the rundown play, as Drew got fooled. Too bad Remy wasn't around to talk about that from the infielders' perspective. But he probably wouldn't have done it anyway.

Okay, gotta go. Magic number is 17. Rays losing 6-2 in 6th. I can't even... I can't... ... my word, people. My effing word. Of awl the dramatic things I've eva...

Bottom update, to leave Yankee misery at top, 1:19 a.m.: Rays lose. We're 6.5 up with 20 to play. Magic number is 16! Yanks stay 2.5 back in WC but do you think they're sleeping well tonight?

Pictured: Billy Jo Strummer Robidoux (son of Shoeless Jo Polniaczek) who I think you met when he was still living in the backyard.
Long night, not all fun but ultimately satisfying.
Hey Mo: Who's Your Daddy!

YES feed tonight...Wells' steal replayed several times in slo-mo. Even their announcers said he didn't miss the tag. - daddybcat

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