Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We Continue To Rule

19-1 dude? No problem. Once again, this team rebounds after a loss. Lester did great and the pen did better. BROOKS WAS HERE with a key 2-run single. 2-1 win over the defending AL champs. We're 10-4 over our last 14 games.

The standings:

Us --
Detroit 1.5
Oak or Tex 2

Those standings are the Best Record race. Gotta get home field advantage, infant. The AL East lead is 6 as we wait for the Rays late result. If those cooked geese lose, the Yanks'll be 2 back in the Loss Column in the Wild Card race. They jumped Balty again tonight, too. I kept track of that goddamn Yanks game all night and I don't wanna talk about that goddamn fucking game. Stupid dumb White Sox. At least they already gave us three straight wins over the weekend. That's one shitty ballclub.

Wednesday night Dempster is a la cama con Porcello. (I didn't know which reference you're less likely to get, that Spanish channel one or a Youth of Today one, so I picked the former out of a metaphorical hat.) (But mentioned both in a parenthetical notation afterwards.) (Which was followed by a disclaimer and then another one.)

No idea what you're talking about, re Dempster. Guess our generational differences at work here. Do vote in the Worst Predictions post: www.milllerstime.net/gosox.

My favorite is just to say, "Uh...what?" - daddybcat

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