Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tonight's Stuff

In the battle of the two shitty teams who for some reason still hold both wild card spots, Tampa wins, so Texas finally drops to #2. Cleveland had a chance to join the winner of that game as one of the 2 WCs, but lost. But that loss was to KC, who therefore ties the Yanks. So it's:

Tampa up 1
Texas --
Cleve .5
Balt 2
KC 2.5
NYY 2.5

Magic number for division remains 4. But us losing (since we play Balty) and Tampa winning this week are two things that hurt the Yanks, so let's just say I won't be too upset should it happen that way. And let's just say I'm also being selfish since I can't go to Fenway Wednesday but I could Thursday, so a slight delay lets me see the clinching fun. It's all gravy in the us department, the goal is keeping the Yanks out.

Okay, it's not all gravy, we still need to get that best record. But Oakland helped us out tonight--we move to 3.5 up on them assuming they don't come back from 9 down with 2 innings to play.

Meanwhile I'm still watching that incredible NL Central race. The Pirates and Cards are tied, and haven't been more than 4 games apart all season long. With the Reds kind of lurking slightly behind the whole way, too.


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