Friday, September 27, 2013

This Will Be A Yankee-Free October

Just wanted to reiterate that.

Now all your energy can go in a positive direction.
And Cano's starting offer is supposedly 10/305!
Yeah, that's not a typo - 305! HAHAHAHHAAAH!

Feel free to repeat that as often as you like

Not an offer, but what Cano is asking. Even the Yankees aren't that desperate. I would love to see them neck tied to that albatross, though. He's already too lazy to run out ground balls or make the just-out-of-reach play. Imagine what being the richest man in baseball would do. Even the offers the NYY have made (8/$138 and 6/$144, according to the NY Daily News) would bloat his ego and reduce his on field value.
MiTi: I'm so confused here. I'm the most positive Red Sox fan there is. I'm giddy right now. How am I being negative? If I want to see comments like this I could let the Yankee fan troll comments go through. Besides, aren't you also a Nats fan?

Allan: It's amazing how the Cano camp and Yankee fans everywhere think he's the only second baseman in the world. Of COURSE he's worth all the money in the world!

Mike: The Yankees won't be playing in October in 2013. And may finish in fourth.

DBC: (I think he meant Cano's "offer.") But yes, would be funny if they pay him all this cash. I really just can't wait to see the money go down, down, down, and get him somewhat close to Pedroia, who is better, though Yankee fans think Cano is better and that it's laughable how much better he is.

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