Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Deserves Its Own Post--BUMP

Commenting person "Patrick" pointed out to me that Don had a horrible call on that Napoli grand slam the other night. I was watching live with Kim and we immediately started yelling and screaming, willing that ball outta there as soon as it was hit, so we never heard the call. Don, as it turns out, opted to tell the audience that the ball would not be a home run. Why this guy continues to risk making an absolute fool of himself by jumping the gun on calls when there's no reason to is beyond my ass.

The video of the play is RIGHT HERE SINCE THE STUPID "EMBED" CODE ON MLB.COM DOESN'T WORK. (Click "video" link on that page. And find the right one.) It cracks me up and pisses me off simultaneously.

hey no video. we are sad.

Dewey and co.
Thanks! Link now there and post bumped to top.

The full story for the diehards: I did this post before bed the other night, but didn't want it to go live until the next morning. For some reason. I did the "preview" and it showed no video. I figured either it didn't show up in the preview, or it just didn't work, but in that latter case, I'd check it in the morning when got up to see if it showed up on the blog. Then I forgot to do that. And I have to say it did cross my mind once or twice while I was at work that I never did confirm whether it was there, but I never went back and checked.
Why this guy continues to risk making an absolute fool of himself

No risk involved. It happens naturally.

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