Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Red Sox Are Awesome, That's The Important Thing

The fun beard-fest continued as Carp-athian hit-tite a 10th-inning, pinch grand dong to give us a 7-3 win over Tampa. Koji set the new Red Sox record (we think) by retiring his 34th consecutive batter. That's 1 and 7/27ths perfect games!

We're 9.5 up with 15 to play. In other words, it's over. The lead is 4 over Oakland in the race for home field advantage.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, apparently the O's don't want this thing. They blew another one to the Yanks, so it's even tighter for that second WC:

Rays --
Yanks 1
O's 1.5
Indians 1.5
Royales with cheese 2

And Texas, 2-8 in their last 10, is only 2.5 ahead of Tampa. So once all four of those teams pass the Rays, they might actually have a shot at the first wild card. Which means two of them might end up with WCs and play each other.

So after the Yanks won, I basically told the Red Sox to lose. The division's in hand, why help those fuckfaces? I was even gonna start out this post talking about the Yanks game instead of ours. But then Koji came in, and I had to root for him to get the record.... And then I kept rooting for us, and seeing Carp round the bases and celebrate in the dugout made me realize it's just too damn fun, so I'm just gonna be happy to watch us steamroll into October and let the rest sort itself out. Besides, I had the following facts to justify it all:

1. Like I said, Tampa seems to be done. All those teams should pass them anyway.

2. Hey, it's Baltimore's fault. If they'd just come through against the Yanks in the first place...

3. It would be fun to watch the Yanks go through the pressure of that 1-gamer.

4. If the Yanks make it and have to play us, fine, bring that shit on.

5. The thing about the fun of watching us cruise to a division title, and making the magic number go down. By the way, it's now at 8! We're 31 games over .500. Last time we did that was 2011--that was our high water mark just before the tragic collapse of September '11. Would be nice to top that. In a weird way.

P.S. Why do we say, for example, that a 60-50 record is "ten games over .500"? If five of those losses had been wins, you'd be at .500. Likewise, at 60-50, you'd be five games ahead of a team who's 55-55, not ten. So shouldn't 60-50 be considered five games over? Is that too hard for people? Just cut the number in half, dude. If you can figure out the whole "half game" concept*, you should have no trouble with this. I say we change it.

*Not this "half game" concept.

Never, never even consider rooting for the Sox to lose. Never.
Oh I absolutely would--like that last series in Balty if we've got everything locked up and we're playing scrubs and Oriole wins keep the Yanks out of the playoffs... Go O's!

Ah, so young and so much to learn.

Your Yankee hatred is playing with your generally good sense.

I have always wondered the same thing about the "games over .500 thing" and in fact commented on it last night when the ESPNerds said the Sox were (at the time) 30 games over. I looked it up once and apparently it's a big debate on the Interwebs. Weird.
R: I think I make the MOST sense when I'm Yankee-hating.

d: Nice, glad I'm not the only one who has thought about this.

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