Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sweep Dreams Are Made Of Obvious Wordplay. Who The Fuck Are You To Disagree!?

Update: Rays lose 5-1. It's a 5.5-game lead and the magic number is down to 21. After last year's late-season horridity, if that's a word. Crumbelievable.

Red Sox hold on for a 7-6 trombony win and a sweep of the White Sox! 5 games up! Pending Tampa's outcome. They trail 2-1 in the 5th. It's total gravy right about now--I'm not gonna worry too much if they win and our lead goes back to 4.5 and the Yanks go back to 4.5 themselves, back behind the Orioles either way. What I'm trying to say is, we're going to bed happy tonight, folks! We've got a nice cushion heading into the Tigers series tomorrow afternoon.

Y'all can post your favorite bad Don moment in comments. I'll start you off:

[Grounder to Pedroia]

"Grounder to first..."

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