Monday, September 09, 2013

Six Series Left

Shoulda done a better job against Kuroda. Fun to see Mo Blow again, but we lose and don't sweep four in NY. 7.5-game lead in the East over Tampa, who we play down there starting Tuesday. Buchholz goes for us in game one.

The magic number will jump down by 2 with each win this week. It's 12 now--we basically clinch with a sweep. But even 1 of 3 means we're up by 6.5 with 14 to play. The Rays have been shitty as shapple pie* lately, but much like you'll find Joe Cabot to be a different character in the Hawaiian islands once the caper's over, the Rays will be up for this series, their last chance to make a move on the division as they cling to the WC by the epidermis of their incisors.

Stupid O's and Tribe couldn't win today, so the Yanks are back to within a half of those two. It's Yanks-O's this week, starting Monday. Huge.

*shit-apple pie

I remember being concerned about the 3 games the Rays have in hand over the Sox when they were hanging around at 2-3 games back. Now, I'm "disconcerned." - daddybcat

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