Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shades Of That Crazy Night In '11

Crazy. At one point, the Rays were down to their last strike, and we had the winning run at second with one out. Within about 5 minutes, the Rays had tied it, and we didn't score and then let the first two O's get on base. All this stuff was in extra innings in both games. Was going back and forth as the Rays were on ESPN. After that it was still possible to get one game going the right way, or even two, but we end up giving up a seeing-eye single, and the Rangers get a big squander, and both ended up wrong. So there's no chance at a division clinch tomorrow night. Which is what I was really hoping for. I work till 8:00 the two nights after that, about 1.5 hours from Boston, so I doubt I'll be part of a bubbly-bration now. But maybe I'll work some magic.

And all this happened just after the Yanks snuck by Toronto.

But with Cleveland's loss (they again miss a chance to move into a WC spot), at least the magic number to clinch a playoff berth is down to 1.

And the positive about tonight's loss is the classic "it hurts the Yanks" as Balty stays ahead of them. The other positive being that we've got this thing locked up so who the hell cares.

Oh and Oakland blew it tonight so we stay 2.5 up in the best record race.

WC standings:

TB up 1
TX --
CV .5
BL 1
KC 2.5
Assholes 2.5 (3 in the loss, 10 to play, 3 teams to jump)

Well man we stayed until the bitter end. What can I say. My daughter said it was still quite the night, and we rocked those beards. Just got back to the hotel to drown our sorrows in cable tv and pizza..and beer.

Kim (Dewey & Co.)
Quit with all the permutations. Put your energy Into securing Sox status of winning Division and Home Team advantage.

Also, check MillersTime article on BaseballContest #5 to see if you want to appeal my decision:
Each game with Balty makes me more and more nervous about what will happen if they make it to the postseason. But maybe they don't have the number of whichever other team is the wildcard, like they seem to with the Sox. Anyone know how they've played against the other contenders?
Yeah Balty's tough. Though they're only tough to a point when they see pinstripes. I don't see any team out there that we should be scared of at all....
Saying "how they've played" was refering to Baltimore. How have they played against teams in striking distance of the WC? Not worried about Boston against anyone but Baltimore, but that was lessened a bit last night.
Right I was answering by saying they're good except when they play the Yanks. Sometimes. I didn't actually do the research to see their records against all contenders though.

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