Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rooting For Chaos

Before we even played tonight, we knew we had home field advantage throughout the playoffs locked up, thanks to the Oakland loss. So we'll be playing the wild card winner at Fenway on Friday.

There's a chance for a 3-way tie in the wild card. We have to root for that, so that the team who ends up surviving might play Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before facing us on Friday, while we rest all week.

We've also got a race for 4th in the A.L. East. If the Red Sox lose Sunday to Baltimore and the Yanks lose in Huey, we'll actually get to talk about the 4th-place Yankees all offseason. The last time they finished lower than third was 1992, when they tied Cleveland for fourth, 20 games out.

Finally, there's the race for the Best Record in Baseball. We've clinched a tie--if we win Sunday or if St. Louis loses, we've got it all to ourselves. Either way, compared to last year, holy shit.


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