Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Murals With Metaphors

The good: We got pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good pitching from Lackey, and we were tied after 6 with the A.L.'s "other" best team.

The bad: We scored dick against them, losing 3-0.

Final verdict: Settle the fuck down.

The standings:

Us --
Rays 5.5

That's because the Rays lost* again tonight. It's sweet that our magic number is down to 20, but I don't want these Rays to choke away the second wild-card spot to the Yanks. But remember, the O's are ahead of the Yanks too, and it stayed that way as both won today. And the A's are now tied for the division lead in the West which makes it even more confusing. To sum up: Eff the Yanks and they goddamn better not make it. But if they do, it'll be nice to watch them in a sudden death playoff game while we relax.

*They haven't lost yet, but it's 10-2 Angels in the 7th. If the Rays win, I'll film myself doing a cartwheel and singing a song about their amazing comeback in the morning.**

**Video might not be available anywhere.

You really scared me there.
Hey Jere, my wife and I (a big fan of this site and the BoSox) were at the game Monday. The highlight for me, from our perch deep in the right field bleachers, was watching Jose Veras giving batting tips to the fans and warming up the right fielder before coming in and nailing down the save. After the game we saw the skipper John Farrell depart long before anyone else, no doubt pondering his decision to have Salty sac bunt late in the game with two on and two runs down. I can also report that Big Poppy and Will Middlebrooks are the only to players not to participate in the annual Fenway Football Draft nite. We did get to see Miggy and his posse crossing Yawkey Way and Prince Fielder and four unidentified Tigers getting into a limo by the parking lot at the back of the park. But the highlight for all of us was Logo Alley, which really should be incorporated into the header for this blog. Anyway, a good time was had by all, and the Sox fans remained in good spirits throughout the game--no doubt that 5 game lead had something to do with it. Good luck the rest of the way.
Dewey and Kim

ps As a Blue Jay fan its been a tough season, but I do enjoy reading your stuff when Kim leaves the site up.
Thanks for the story! Glad you had fun at friendly Fenway.
So, here's what my husband left out...after the game, as we were watching the players leave, my youngest son (8) started looking a little green, and he was bent over double starting to cry about his tummy. As I started frantically looking around for a bathroom, and while my husband was ogling Cabrera, an angel appeared (dressed like a young guy who worked at Fenway Park) and led us into an employee entrance. As the old man guarding the ramp tried to send us to a porta-potty in the parking lot, our angel was having none of it and led us to a lovely bathroom. Sparing you the details, I will only say that a boy who told me that he thought he was dying was literally dancing 10 minutes later. The angel was waiting for us with cold water, and I can't believe that I didn't get his name. He should be employee of the 2013 season. My middle son also got to see his favorite player (Papi) drive by while he waited for us! So that's the heartwarming story of the week. And thanks for the blog-it always make me smile (or at least provides an outlet for my frustration) Dewey & Co (Kim)
Awesome! If you describe that guy I might be able to figure out which one he is.

(Sorry it took a while to post this comment--I almost missed it with all the spam comments I get daily.)
Well, he was young, white, (early twenties at most), around six feet tall, slender, dark hair, very clean cut looking. Wearing a hat. That's about all I got, except that he was working right there where the players drive out of the park, and let us in by the Ted Williams/Jonny Pesky/Bobby Doerr statue.
I have told everyone this story!
Good luck and let me know if you figure out who it was....
Dewey & co. (Kim)

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