Sunday, September 01, 2013

Live-Blogging End Of Rays-A's

As I type, the A's are two outs away from beating the Rays. If it happens, we're 4.5 games ahead. Uh oh, Myers just doubled. Tying run at the plate. Anyway, this is a weird situation now. We've got the Rays behind us in the division, but in the wild card lead over the Yanks. So if they lose it helps us both. I'll take one more loss, but then they gotta win tomorrow to keep the Yanks honest. Of course it would be key if on top of that, we win and the damn Orioles can actually beat the Yanks Sunday.

Okay, Loney's got a 3-0 count now. Finally a strike for Grant Ball-four. Now strike two....

Hello? Gameday doing nothing... and it's a walk. Here comes Lobaton with the tying runs on base.

Whoa, quickly a lineout, and the A's are an out away.

Here's "The Appointments of" Desmond Jennings.

2-0 count.

I hate watching the end of a game on Gameday, since the last out often just makes everything disappear and you don't know what happened. Goddamnit, a wild pitch, single could tie the game now, and it's 3 and 0 on Jennings.

Finally a strike...3-1.

Uh oh, in play, run(s)....! It's an RBI single. 2-1 A's. Turns out that wild pitch only advanced one runner before! So it was actually 1st and 3rd, now the single cuts it to one and it's 1st and 2nd for Kelly Johnson....

Oh! Ball in play, I can't tell...but I see the third out light is lit! Looks like it was a 3-1 groundout. We're 4.5 games up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hate that the Yanks close to 3.5 back of that second WC. And that they've got no teams between them and Tampa in that race. But...4.5 games up!!!!!!! Gotta get that division first and foremost. Magic number down to 23.

Watched the Soxes on the WGN feed. Man, those announcers are bad. No energy. It was a long game due to our high score and typical grind-out at bats, but listening to those guys made it seem interminable. I liked how they got excited for good plays by their guys, but if I had to hear "He gone" again after a strike out, I was gonna scream. Glad our side had the lead so there was no bottom of the ninth. The worst news is I get that feed again today. - daddybcat
The only time it pays off to watch Hawk is when it's White Sox vs. Yankees, because you have a pal in the booth rooting against the Yanks along with you. Still, I wish he'd just be a pro and stop being a disgrace.

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