Sunday, September 08, 2013

I Could Be Not Alive

You know how I love it when the Yanks "almost win but still lose"? Well this series has been like a museum of that type of loss. First it was the "they make a big comeback and are one strike away but still lose" loss. Then we had the "they have a huge lead but still lose" loss. And we followed those up with the "they come back from a big deficit but still lose" loss. All at the most crucial moment of the season. In Yankee Stadium. Against the Red Sox. Is there a chance I died and this is what my brain is producing for me in that stretched-to-eternity final moment? I do have the tire pressure light on in my car--maybe I pulled a Nan Adams, and I'm on my journey across baseball heaven on my way to the Twilight Zone.

Anyway, we go for the 4-game sweep Sunday at 1:05. The Rays lost a few minutes ago, so we've got an 8.5-game lead with 18 to play. And the Braves lost, so we've got the best record in baseball. And the Tigers lost, so our lead for home field advantage in the playoffs is up to 4. And the two teams between the Yanks and the second wild card won. All this after 90+ losses last year. Again, I could be dead.

Seeing the Yankee fans in a frenzy with Rivera one strike away from the comeback win, then blowing it, with the resulting fan deflation, plus the 10th inning, has to be a highlight of the year. Then a repeat of that deflation the next game doubles the fun. Add Sat.'s win, and we've got a trifecta.
By an odd coincidence, I watched "The Hitch-Hiker" last night from the TZ shows I have DVR'd.

I was just hoping for a split this weekend, and we're playing with the house's money again today.

And a very Happy Birthday to you, Jere!
Thanks! That's crazy you saw that ep last night! Maybe I really AM in the TZ...

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