Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Am Good

What do I always tell you? The phone is the way to go! Nobody ever thinks of the phone for these ticket sales. I called two minutes before they went on sale, then just stalled the robotic-prompt lady until the exact moment, then chose my game. I was probably the first schmoe to buy! Pretty far back in the grandstand, but in the infield which was all I cared about.

Of course I already had 2 tix thanks to my 10-game plan, but we needed 3 so we "upgraded." (I'll let you guys know if I need to get rid of the original two tix.)

My mom was going the Internet route at the same time, and said she broke through only a few minutes after I bought our tickets, so maybe it wasn't too hard to get through today. Hope you were as lucky (meaning skilled, motherfucker!) as we were.


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