Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ho Hum

Saturday was possibly the 2013-iest game of the year. Sox in control against sluggish Yanks all day, lots of guys contribute, CC struggles, Red Sox hold comfortable lead, Yanks biting nails in WC race.

Tonight we can eliminate them from division contention! (Officially.)

So what's up with playoff tickets? In recent years, they started the process way earlier. (At this moment I check my old e-mail to find that in 2009 I got the "register now for the chance to buy postseason tickets" on September 15th, which is TODAY, so maybe I'm way off on this. But as a 10-game plan holder I thought we got our ALDS purchase opportunity earlier than this. I don't know, whatever, it'll be soon. Am I still in parentheses? Anyway, I'm pissed that they gave some to Ass Tickets before they're available to anyone else.)

I called the Sox and asked the same question. The email is coming out next Wednesday

Nice, thanks. Do you mean "the Wednesday after this coming one" or "the NEXT Wednesday to occur, which would be this coming one"?
Or this next Wednesday?
So nice to see that big E next to the yankees name in the standings! I got up at 5:30am hoping to see that happen.

V(eronica) in India

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