Saturday, September 21, 2013

Forge Ahead, Helen

Lip my stocking:

Pettitte didn’t admit to drug use because of some crisis of conscience, or because it offended his sense of morality, or even his Christian beliefs. He admitted to drug use for the same reason A-Rod did: Because he was caught.

Hey, sounds like something I would say. And have said.

I listened to Andy's press conference on the radio yesterday and I could swear I heard him say he never cheated. Hm. I found an article with quotes from the conference and you can read it for yourself. Sounds like his buddy Bill has been coaching him in the art of Costanza. It's not a lie...if you believe it....

In closing, am I the only one who always thinks of this scene when I hear the word "Pettitte"?

Headline on Mike Lupica's column in the Daily News: "Hall no! As PED cheat, Yankees lefty Pettitte doesn't belong in Cooperstown"

Front page of the NYDN says Pettitte "steals Mo's spotlight" by announcing his own retirement so close to the end of the season!!


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