Thursday, September 19, 2013


"x-Boston"! Big Lack went all the way tonight as we uh-fish clinched a playoff berth, and with the Rays loss, a tie for the AL East title. The bubbly will be broken out with one more win or Rays loss. We're 3 up on best record, with the A's late result pending.

I was about to say, NESN has actually improved lately when it comes to spelling, but tonight they made a classic mistake:

And check out this "Tsarnaev is a bitch" shirt in the front row tonight:
(Did you spot Varitek in that shot, too?)

Yanks drop two of three! In Toronto! A beautiful loss tonight has put them 4 back in the loss column with 3 teams to pass and 9 games to play. The Jays come to Boston for the weekend.

Hmmm...maybe they meant re-birth, coming back from the dead.

V in India
Mom here:

This V fellow is a funny guy.
If I understand it correctly, V is a she.
Not bad, pulling that screen shot out so quick, considering you were at the game.
I don't get it...

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