Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So we have to hear Timlin talking over Don on every call for the rest of the season? Oy. Speaking of oy, the Red Sox couldn't do anything against Chatroom tonight in Denver, and Lackey looked like the guy we've all come to know and hate the last few seasons. Rox 8, Sox 3. The A's are down 3-0 kinda late, so hopefully when I wake up I see we've still got a 1-game lead in the BessWreck race.

MEANWHILE the Yanks are toast. Their tragic no. is down to 1, as they get Chicago'd by Tampa at home, and Cleveland gets Rays'd from the dead against Chicago in the 9th.

Juicy that near no-hitter tonight? MLBN was showing the Yanks but broke in to see this Cardinals guy I've never heard of three outs away from a No-ski. He gets the first two, then gives up one of those infield choppers that he barely can't reach with a jump. Shortstop does a nice job on the barehand, and his throw does beat the runner, but it pulls the first baseman off the bag and he just misses the sweep tag. Hit. Poor sap. The Cards have the Pirates by two and the Reds by three with four left. All three are in the playoffs regardless, but I hope it stays fun till the final day over there in the bizzaro league.

Oh, and did you notice that NESN started to run an episode of the Red Sox Report during the break for the pitching change in the 9th?

[Update, 12:26 a.m.: I have to work early and I thought I'd go right to bed after I wrote all that. But that A's game was cruising along so I kept staying up. Aaaand it's over. A's lose! They got 0 runs on four hits, and only in the 1st and 9th did they send up more than 3 hitters to the plate. So we stay 1 up with 4 to play....]


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