Saturday, September 07, 2013


They scored 2.

We scored 1.

They scored 2 more.

We scored 1 again.

They scored 2 more again.

We scored 1 yet again.

They added 2 more.

Do the math here and you'll see we were down 8-3, and heading into the 7th it looked like we were gonna have to settle for a huge win in game one but a ho-hum loss in game two.

We scored 9.

Red Sox win, 12-Eight.

The key blow was one I called right down to the location (Kim can vouch), a grand dong for Napoli with TWO OUTS in the 7th to tie the game. No one in NESN land saw it like I did, which was that Ichiro thought he was timing the leap perfectly, styling it as he started to leap, only to realize too late that he was a few inches behind (and a few years too Jeter. I mean too old.) Had he used his speed to sprint back to the wall and THEN jump, it's an easy rob. Instead, it bounces just out of reach off the top of the wall, and 8-4 became 8-8.

Victorino's homer in the next inning (nice camerawork, NESN) put us up 10-8, and the Yanks were toast from there. Actually, they didn't get a hit in the last four innings. What a win. After another whattawin. And what a huge loss by the Yanks, a day after blowing what would have been their biggest win of the year.

As for our offense, check out the last 27 innings (in groups of 8, 10, 9, not 9, 9, 9):

02111852 0021301011 010110540

18 run-scoring innings to 9 goose eggs, for a total of 41 runs on 50 hits. In three games. The Miami Marlins didn't score their 41st run this year until their 19th game.

Yanks are back to having 3 teams to catch if they wanna play in Octomom.

I love how two big goats in this game were Hughes and Joba. My, how things have...never gotten to where they hoped. Joba Rules!

Allow me to keep writing. Imagine these last two games against any other opponent, with the standings being anything at all. Amazing. Incredible. But this is not only against the Yankees, it's right at a point where they were about to catch the team in the second wild card spot after a shitty start, and where we were starting September with a mid-sized division lead after losing 90+ games last year and having had a September collapse the year before. It's that thing where Hollywood couldn't have bla bla bla. This is just too perfect.

So let's look at the standings.

For best record:

Us --
Tigers 3
A's 4


SOX --
Rays 7
O's 9.5
Yanks 10
Jays 20

And the Yanks' only race:

Texas (-)2.5
Tampa --
Balty 2.5
Cleve 2.5
Yanks 3
KC 5

This is all not including the Rays' result tonight. It's tied in the 8th. And it feels really, really, really good to know that I can just go to bed right now and not worry about it. If they lose, we're 7.5 up (our biggest lead of the year) with 19 to play. If they win, the Yanks are 3.5 out with three teams to catch regardless.

Predicatably I stayed up longer. M's score 2 in 8th, beat Exes-in-ther-eyes Rays 6-4. So we lead by 7.5!!!!! And O's or Indians better claim that second WC slot!
Mom here:
After the game, since I was up anyway and way too excited to fall asleep, I went out on the bluff at 11:25, and one minute after launch at 11:27, I watched the moon rocket zip along from out of the southeastern horizon until it disappeared in sea mist due east. It was orange and left a trail.

Don's call on the Napoli salami was among his worst ever.

"Fly ball to right field, this'll stay in the yard. Ichiro back won't stay in the yard, it's gone."

Thanks, Don.

I love this team!!
Ha, "sorry" I missed it. (Kim and I were in full scream mode as soon as the ball was hit.)
YES had the same call on Ichiro's stroll-hop-miss, saying he was way too slow and didn't jump high enough.

Speaking of homers (not the fence clearing kind), on Napoli's double, they claimed Cano tried to fool him that there wouldn't be a play, despite saying immediately before that that Napoli saw the play in front of him the whole way. You and I and everyone reading this and everyone who has ever watched Mr. Nonchalant play knew he was doing his usual. One of them even said his "strategy" was to act like nothing was happening and "I'm just waiting for a bus here." - daddybcat
This is waaaaay too much fun!
And if Papelbon gets one more strike vs Atlanta, we've got the best record in baseball.
Aaaand it's a 2-run HR to tie the game. D'oh! Seeing that the tying run was up, I have to admit I thought about that. Funny that I started at the 5-3 score and seemed to make it change to 5-5 with my mind accidentally. And I live-blogged it! Worst live blog ever!

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