Sunday, September 22, 2013

6 For 6 For C

Red Sox lose. We're 94-62. Have to go 6 for 6 to be 100-62 on the year.

Best record standings:

Us --
A's 1.5
Tigers 2.5

WC standings

Tampa up .5
Cleve --
Tex .5

Yankees' tragic number: 5

Yaz statue day tomorrow.

Magic number for best record is six. Us - Toronto, Colorado, Baltimore. Them - Twins, LA Angels, Seattle. Looks like they have it easier based on the final series. Spoiling home field advantage may be all that's left for Balty at that point, but it's possible they could still be in the running for the WC. Either way...

Yankees' tragic number: 3

d: Detroit now 3.5 back of us, so they're close to toast, best record-wise. And when they are that's when we clinch HFA for round one.

a: Nice! Just heard their result on way home from Fenway (hadn't gotten score updates on them at game at all) but didn't know they dropped a game. That's huge to see that TN at 3. They are DONE. It would seem. Let's hope they officially are before they get to play the freakin' Astros.

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