Sunday, September 29, 2013

163 Monday

Okay, we get some chaos. All three teams won so Tampa and Texas play one game Monday to see who plays Cleveland on Wednesday to see who plays us in the ALDS starting Friday. All three teams are pretty hot, but that also means they're due to get cold, right? If we play Tito, they will have won 11 in a row! Hopefully we can run the '07 Rockies picket fence on 'em. Let 'er fly!

In a perfect world, I'll do posts about how we match up with each of the three possible opponents over the next few days. In the real world, I'll work a lot of hours and not have time to do any of that. Wish us all luck.

As for the other races, we lose in Balty which means we tie for best record in all of baseball, BUT, it also means Balty stays in a tie with the Yanks for third. Which is better than them being alone in third. I swear, I saw an article on called "Yanks reflect on unique, memorable season." But wait! I just went back to find the exact title, and I see they've changed it. To "memorable, bittersweet season." Still a little out of touch with reality....

Was at Camden today and blame Farrell for not taking Dubront out in the 5th. We coulda been over .600 and had the best record in baseball. And my 4 1/2 year I'd grandson woulda had a better day at the park. Still, a joyous season, no matter today or the rest of Oct. Tho I hope for it all.
Just don't get caught watching the paint dry
Richard--yeah he also could have left the Frightened Face kid out there with his no-hitter!

Kat--great pick-up;)

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