Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Yes, I Can. If Frank Sinatra Says It's Okay.

Another funny line by Suzyn yesterday. She was addressing the issue of whether A-Rod's teammates might not welcome him back with open arms. She says how that's ridiculous, and how these guys are gonna "treat him exactly like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera tell them to."


I was sure she was gonna say how they'll treat him with respect or some shit, but no, she basically inadvertently admits that they might all be ready to throw firebombs at him, but that the only opinion they're actually allowed to have is what the Class Patrol (clAss patrHole?) tells them to have!

Reminds me of when Darnell McDonald arrived in the Yankee clubhouse to have Jeter tell him basically, "I don't like how you look," like the kid in class who's got the teacher's rulebook in his pocket ready to enforce it on the other kids.

Mom here:
Forgot to tell you--at Saturday night's game, the last time Salty came to the plate before he hit his home run, he was introduced as Saltamalachia, I kid you not. He had a terrible at-bat. Next time he was up, the announcer--whoever he was--had been apprised of his terrible-job mistake, and he said the name correctly, and loudly, and Salty hit the ball into the giant glove of Koji warming up in the bullpen. (Play of the game.)
Jeter has continually thrown his teammates under a bus -- for YEARS. Anytime someone brings up the post-season experience and calm eyes and elegant gaits that the Yankees have when it comes to crunch time, Jeter almost always says something like, "Well, some of us have." Meaning some of his teammates are lame, non-clutch-performing guys lacking in mystique and aura. Read some of the less than flattering coverage that comes out of NY -- it's rare but there -- and he is really not much of a leader.
Yeah I'm actually wondering if the reason they kept showing him after A-Rod's at bats was to check on his approval level. Either that or the Automated Jeter Cam kept kicking in and no one could override it.
Also, I noticed in Girardi's press conference that he said something about Alex being out for 50 games. I'm wondering if he knows something, like the appeal will happen and they'll knock it down to 50 instead of 211. Or maybe I heard it wrong.

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