Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Turns Out To Be A Hugh Jass Night

"We were kinda on." --Dustin

Yeah we were! Red Sox 13, O's 2, as Doobie rolls again. The top three in our order each had three hits. Victorino had two homers and seven ribbies.

Our game was well in hand when Don said the Rays had a 5-1 lead. I put it on Gameday to see the Angels cut it to 5-4, but their rally ended, and it went to the ninth with Tamper clinging to a ORL. Rodney came in, and proceeded to blow his 8th save of the year! Angels go up 6-5. Bottom 9, Angels pitcher goes 3-0 on the first guy and walk him, and then goes 3-0 on the second guy. But he gets a fly out and a DP, and the Rays lose!

2.5-game lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Team Awesome --
Rays in a Tampa Factory 2.5
Birdland 6.5
Scrappy Rockefellers 7.5
Blame Canada 19

A's win again so the Yanks stay 4.5 back in the WC race.

Great moment on the radio tonight: They had a cancer patient named Buck Rogers in the booth, when Napoli hit his massive parking-lot-roof dong. Joe told us it was a dong, at which point his guest jumped in with, "that was over everything!" Joe waits a beat, and then says with a smile, "you said it, Buck Rogers!"


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