Friday, August 09, 2013

Wanna "C" Something Funny?

Saw this in a local newspaper yesterday:

Ah, I see what they did there..."skate," because they're...wait, what? They're clearly going for a "skate" pun, because it's in caps. But what's the reference? I have two theories here:

1. These kids are holding skateboards, which were mistakenly cropped out of the picture, making the wordplay worthless.

2. This ad was designed for the place mats at some kind of skating center and they accidentally used it for a decidedly non-skatey newspaper.

Bonus theory: We're supposed to surmise that the kid on the right is whispering about skating.

As a side note, this being Rhode Island, I'm guessing the most common sentence at that office is, "I'm sorry, ma'am, the Accent Reduction class has been sold out for quite some time."

Sox/Royals, Peav against Erv, 8:10 tonight.

Sk8 or die?

Speaking of accent reduction, I'm always vaguely annoyed when out-of-staters tell me I don't have an accent. They're essentially right, it's not significant, but something about it annoys me, like the implication that I'm not *really* from here or something.
Funny, I was just "tweeting" out this post since when I posted it, it was a self-posting, pre-scheduled type thing. And just then you comment on it.

Sorry you don't get credit for your somewhat accent. I get mad when Kim says I DO have an accent, because as a CT-er, I'm supposed to be accentless. But she says it's an accent of extra enunciation. Which I guess is what I sound like to someone who doesn't say Rs. SHe also says my "top" sounds like "tahhhp" compared to her "taup."
I've noticed a thing where some people from around here who wanted to sound like they don't have the common accent hit their Rs a little harder than normal—it's kind of a reaction to the accent and how people perceive it making you sound less intelligent.
As DeNiro said in Heat, in what I feel was an overrated line because Duh, we get what the flipside is, you don't even need to explain it, "there's a flipside to that coin." Which is that now that I've lived in Somerville or Providence since '07, I'll occasionally say a word like "fork" or something, but as I'm about to say it, I think, "oh wait, there isn't supposed to be an R in there," and I kind of tone down my R. I'm sure I used to have a really hard R, but I would never have to think about it first, I'd just let it come out all hard. Now I'm self-cocious about sounding "wrong" even though I had it right to begin with.

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