Thursday, August 29, 2013

Victori....No, Peg

I love Victorino like a brother brand copier, and he's done a lot for us, including tonight, but sweet moses, that was a bad at bat in the 8th. Ells gets to second for him despite the foul bunt that cost him a stolen base earlier, so it's tying run on second with nobody out. Gotta get that runner over. Instead, he swings at the pitcher's arm motion and the pitch bounces way in front of the catcher and way outside. Strike 3.

The Gomes DP after the hard-to-watch gift was a similar killer an inning later, and we lose by 1.

The Rays had already lost during the day so we stay 2.5 up.

Now the White Sox come in for three, then the Tigers series starts on Labor Day.

Don Burgundy moment of the night: He's giving the wild card standings, and after mentioning the top few teams, he ends with, "and the Yankees are all of a sudden back into it at five and a half out." So the whole world is watching the Yanks plummet in the standings, having lost 4 of 6 games in two series losses in a row, and Don, apparently looking at the wild card standings for the first time in at least a week, is thinking they're in the process of getting back in the race! The Yanks were 5.5 back as he was saying it. You know how long it's been since they'd been that far out of it? August 19th! Can you pay a little attention, Don? You've missed a fun week in Uankee Universe.


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