Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tyson Beats Spinks In 1:31

Lackey made a lil' mistake in the fourth, giving up a 2-run dong to Hanley. And that's pretty much the only thing that happened in this ten-minute long NL game. We lose 2-0. We had two hits. If that's one of their not-good pitchers, I'd hate to see the good ones. Puig did nothing, by the way.

Let me tell you about pieces of shit like Carl Crawford. Pieces of shit like Carl Crawford think they're cool, come to your house and take all the money you give them because you're fooled into thinking they're cool, and then take a nice long vacation with said money, only to go and tell the world that you're the bad guy, while they're fooling someone else into thinking they're cool. They're not cool. They're fucking assholes. Pieces of shit like Carl Crawford, that is.

NESN was doing some white lying tonight. In pre-game, they had "live" on the screen as they showed an overhead shot of Dodger Stadium. What tipped me off to the fact that it wasn't live was that the shot was frozen at first before somebody pressed the "play" button. When I rewound to confirm, I noticed that the stands were full and that players were on the field in their positions. In other words, this was old footage from a Dodgers game, meaning it wasn't even from today. And since they've been on a road trip, it was a lot older than that. It's the principle that pisses me off. Why pretend you're showing a live shot? Why not just show an actual live shot, or show the non-live shot you want and just don't say it's live? Why do they keep doing this? And then on that dumb post-game sports-desk show, they threw it back to Don and Eck for a recap, only this time, the "play" button was pressed too early, so the poor woman who had been told to "pretend" like she was actually interacting with them looked like a fool when they started talking before she stopped. I've asked it before: Who's in charge over there? Oh right, NESN.

But back to the baseball stuff, the Yanks and Kuroda* got whooped by the Rays. So we're no tied for first again, but it was well worth it as the Yanks' Canadian win-streak is bacon. They lose a game to Tampa AND Balty. Gotta keep getting these setbacks and get them out of this thing. The key for us is to win Saturday and stay in first.

*Had MLBN on during the first inning. Yanks had a 1-0 lead. One of the hosts, as they were watching, said, "that one run might be all Kuroda needs tonight." Four dongs later, that fuckface was proven to be the world's worst prognosticator.


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