Friday, August 23, 2013

That Question That Comes Up Every Year

Look, tough guy/gal, if there were 10 games left or something, of course I'd have to root for the Yanks over the Rays. But the Yanks need to be knocked down a notch and soon. I'm so glad they're playing a team that might actually beat them this weekend. Go Rays for sure. With the bonus knowledge that if the Yanks happen to catcher's-interference out a win, we stay in first guaranteed. The whole key to all of this is that WE need to win. That way we gain on one while the other doesn't gain on us.

Kuroda/Archer 7:10

Lackey/'lascy 10:10

And Orioles, if you could go ahead and not let the Yanks pass you, that'd be great...


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